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Starting Your


Starting a new business is an exciting and rewarding experience.   At Lasa Law & Consultancy we advise and handle the necessary legal steps related to:

  • Choosing the most appropriate legal form for your business

  • Shareholders/Member Agree​ments

  • Meeting State or Federal licensing requirments

  • Office procurement, leasing, & facilities issues

Managing Your Business

At Lasa Law & Consultancy we assist you with ongoing maintenance of your business by providing legal and consulting services related to:

  • Contract negotiations

  • Employment matters

  • Collection issues, dispute resolution and litigation

  • Operations Consultancy

  • Insurance matters

Growing Your Business

The goal is to stabilize and grow your business.   Lasa Law & Consultancy brings expertise in the following areas

  • Strategic Growth Consultancy

  • Market evaluation and opportunities

  • Business Positioning 

  • Strategic Alliances/Acquisitions

  • Capital Requirements

  • Investor/Shareholder relations



At Lasa Law & Consultancy, we provide our clients with business and legal needs that cover a range of topics and issues from:

  • ​Diversity and Inclusion matters

  • International market opportunities

  • Succession and planning in family businesses

  • Employment Immigration Visas 

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